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  • Common Mistakes Leopard Gecko Owners Make

    Common Mistakes New Leopard Gecko Owners Make

    We’re sharing a list of common leopard gecko mistakes new owners make so you can avoid them.

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  • Leopard Gecko Stress

    Leopard Gecko Stress Signs, Causes of Stress, How to Avoid Stress

    Noticing signs of stress is the first step towards providing a better environment. Common signs of stress in leopard geckos are decreased appetite, weight loss, excessive hiding, glass swimming and tail waving. Improper setup and poor handling are the root cause of most stress factors.

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  • Handling a Leopard Gecko

    Leopard Gecko Tails: 5 Interesting Facts

    Leopard geckos have impressive tails, which serve several vital purposes. Much of the leopard gecko’s body language can be seen in its tail. From a warning, sign of aggression, show of excitement, or a signal it’s going to pounce, you can see it all in the tail. The tail is a defense mechanism and emergency…

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  • leopard gecko morph eye close up

    What kind of leopard gecko morph breeds are there?

    There are a variety of leopard gecko morph breeds available. While the number of leopard gecko morphs number over 100, there are primary combinations of several key morphs. New morph combinations are being discovered (or created) as breeders continue to experiment with selective breeding. The High Yellow morph (described below) was one of the first…

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  • Leopard Gecko Information

    Leopard Gecko Information | Facts | Stats |

    Leopard Geckos are a popular pet and are readily available from pet shops and breeders alike. If you’d like to learn more, we have a wealth of leopard gecko information throughout the pages of The Habitat, and some interesting leopard gecko facts for you on this page. If you’re looking for information on feeding, behavior,…

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  • How to Pick Up a Leopard Gecko

    How to Pick up a Leopard Gecko

    Leopard geckos are popular pets for their easy going nature and ease of care.  As with any pet, it’s essential to build trust through consistent interaction and proper handling. When first starting out, it’s important to know how to properly pick up a leopard gecko so you don’t scare or injure it. We’ll review two…

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  • Can Leopard Geckos live with Anoles

    Can A Leopard Gecko Live With Anoles?

    Keeping reptiles can be addictive, and there are so many cool pets to bring home! While it may seem fun to have many different species cohabiting, it’s crucial to consider their unique habitats and requirements. Leopard geckos and anoles should not be kept in the same tank. Leopard geckos are active during twilight and night…

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  • Can Leopard Geckos live with Bearded Dragons

    Can A Bearded Dragon Live With A Leopard Gecko?

    Reptiles can be like Pokemon – you want to collect ’em all. However, when it comes to owning multiple species, it’s important to consider their individual needs and compatibility. One question that often arises among reptile enthusiasts is whether a bearded dragon can live with a leopard gecko. While it may seem convenient to house…

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  • leopard gecko impaction

    Leopard Gecko Impaction: Find out if your pet is at risk

    Did you know that impaction is one of the most common health issues that leopard geckos face?  Impaction is a condition that occurs when undigested food or other indigestible materials obstruct their digestive tract and prevent normal bowel movements. If left untreated, impaction can lead to serious health complications and, in some cases, death. As…

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  • Gut Loading Insects

    How to Gut Load Insects: The Key To Healthy Leopard Geckos

    s a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure you’re doing you best to provide for your animal’s well being.  Feeding them the right kind of food is a must, and there’s a way to supercharge your feeding:  Gut loading. Gutloading refers to the practice of feeding feeder insects with nutrient-rich diets before offering…

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