Leopard Gecko Habitat

At The Habitat

Here you’ll find everything you need to know to raise and keep your own leopard gecko as a pet. Whether you’re looking for information on general care and feeding, tank setup, or answers to more specific questions, we can help here at the Habitat. Leopard geckos make great beginner pets. They are easy to care for, do not require much space, do not smell, and are quiet & docile.

If you have questions like, “Are leopard geckos good pets for kids,” or “how much do they cost?” Or are you wondering what do they eat, what kind of tank do they need, and the myriad of things that go through your mind when considering a new pet, settle in with us at the habitat and read on.


Setup and Gear

Here you’ll find links to meet the needs of your pet leopard gecko. If you’re looking for suggestions for enclosures, heating, lighting, feeding, etc.. you may find the links below useful.

Leopard Gecko Feeding Guide

What do they eat? How much and how often? Find out here!

Leopard Gecko Photography Guide

Is your leopard gecko deserving of a photo shoot?  Here are some simple tips for leopard gecko photography. 

Free Leopard Gecko Feeding Log:

Never miss a feeding! Track when, what, and how much with our free feeding log: