Start Here – Leopard Gecko Beginner’s Guide

Thinking about getting a leopard gecko, or are you a new leopard gecko owner? You’ve come to the right place. Start here with some of our new owner guides, FAQs, beginner posts and articles.

Leopard Gecko Information

It’s a great idea to know what caring for a pet entails. We share 9 Things to Know Before Getting a Leopard Gecko to help you prepare for your new pet.

Of course, buying a pet involves more than just the price of the animal itself. We’ll tell you 6 Essential Things a Leopard Gecko Needs in its Tank, and you can read our post about the total cost of ownership for having a leopard gecko as a pet to get a sense of what to expect (spoiler – they are one of the most inexpensive reptiles to own!)

Once you’ve brought your gecko home, you’ll be wondering how long will it take for a new leopard gecko to settle in.

As you’re getting acquainted with your new leopard gecko, you’ll want to brush up on leopard gecko handling tips or learn how to bond with your leopard gecko.

Of course, all new pet owners have questions. Check out our list of Common Leopard Gecko Questions (and answers.) You can also learn from common mistakes so you get it right the first time.

Having the right food in the right amounts is key to keeping any pet happy and healthy, and leopard geckos are no exception. Check out our leopard gecko feeding guide to make sure your pet’s getting the right food.

If you’re getting more than one leopard gecko, don’t miss our post about whether leopard geckos should be kept together or if leopard geckos should have tank mates.

Setup and Gear

Here you’ll find links to meet the needs of your pet leopard gecko. If you’re looking for suggestions for enclosures, heating, lighting, feeding, etc.. you may find the links below useful.

Leopard Gecko Feeding Guide

What do they eat? How much and how often? Find out here!

Leopard Gecko Photography Guide

Is your leopard gecko deserving of a photo shoot?  Here are some simple tips for leopard gecko photography. 

  • How to Bond with a Leopard Gecko (simple steps)

    How to Bond with a Leopard Gecko (simple steps)

    With a little patience and persistence, you can bond with your leopard gecko. You’ll need to provide a proper environment and learn proper handling to build trust between you and your pet.

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  • Common Leopard Gecko Questions: New Owner Leopard Gecko Guide

    Common Leopard Gecko Questions: New Owner Leopard Gecko Guide

    You’re bound to have some “new owner” leopard gecko questions as you’re learning how to care for yours. We’ve compiled some common leopard gecko questions into a new owner leopard gecko guide.

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  • 5 Leopard Gecko Handling Tips & 1 Thing to Never Do!

    5 Leopard Gecko Handling Tips & 1 Thing to Never Do!

    If you’re a proud new leopard gecko owner or considering one as a pet, you may have wondered, “How can I safely handle my leopard gecko?”  or “How do I tame a leopard gecko?” We have a few simple leopard gecko handling tips to help you tame your gecko so you and your new reptile…

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