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  • Rocks in your leopard gecko tank

    Using Rocks in Your Leopard Gecko Tank

    Leopard geckos are fascinating creatures that have become increasingly popular as pets. These reptiles require a suitable habitat to thrive, and one of the most important components is stable rocks for resting and basking. While rocks from outside can be used in leopard gecko tanks, it’s crucial to ensure that they are legally obtained and…

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  • Do Leopard Geckos Stink or smell bad?

    Do Leopard Geckos Stink?

    Discover the truth about Leopard Geckos and their scent! Find out if they really stink or smell bad.

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  • How to Clean a Leopard Gecko Tank

    How to Clean a Leopard Gecko Tank

    As animal lovers, we understand the importance of keeping our pets’ habitats clean and healthy. A clean tank not only ensures your leopard gecko’s well-being, but also helps prevent diseases and infections. Cleaning a leopard gecko tank may seem overwhelming at first, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be a simple and…

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  • Leopard Gecko Mouth Rot

    Leopard Gecko Mouth Rot

    Discover the signs, causes, and treatment of leopard gecko mouth rot. Keep your pet healthy and happy with our expert advice.

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  • Can Leopard Geckos See in the Dark?

    Can Leopard Geckos See In The Dark?

    As humans, we often associate the night with darkness and a lack of visibility. It’s a symbol of mystery, fear, and the unknown. But for some animals, like leopard geckos, the night is just another opportunity to explore and thrive. These fascinating creatures have adapted to life in low light environments and are even capable…

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  • Can Leopard Geckos Eat Fruits and Vegetables

    Can Leopard Geckos Eat Fruit or Vegetables?

    Reptiles can have a variety of dietary needs, and it’s important for pet owners to know what to feed their animals.  Though some lizard species enjoy a mix of insects, small animals (like pinky mice), and plants, it’s not the correct diet for all reptiles.  While it is natural to assume that leopard geckos can…

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  • Do Leopard Geckos Need Live Food

    Do Leopard Geckos Need Live Food?

    Leopard geckos are one of the most popular reptiles kept as pets due to their friendly personalities and ease of care. They are easy to care for, though many new leopard gecko owners don’t realize they’ll also be caring for and housing insects.  That’s right; leopard gecko food is mostly live insects.  Read on to…

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  • Is my Leopard Gecko Fat

    Is My Leopard Gecko Fat? How to Help an Overweight Gecko

    We love our pets, and want to make sure they are comfortable and have enough of everything. Sometimes too much of a good thing is, well, just too much! If we give your lizard too much food, you may find yourself wonder, “Is my leopard gecko fat?” An overweight leopard gecko can be at risk…

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  • Can Leopard Geckos Eat Nightcrawlers

    Can Leopard Geckos Eat Nightcrawlers?

    When it comes to feeding your beloved pet Leopard Gecko, there’s no doubt you want to give it the best nutrition possible. Leopard geckos eat a variety of worms as staples in their diet, but can they eat nightcrawlers? Though leopard geckos can eat nightcrawlers and earthworms, these worms are not the best food source.…

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  • Do Leopard Geckos Have Teeth

    Do Leopard Geckos Have Teeth?

    When you imagine a reptile, you may think of sharp claws and scales. But what about teeth? Do leopard geckos have them? It’s a common question that many potential lizard owners want to know. Leopard geckos have teeth that help them capture and eat their prey. To understand more about these little creatures, let’s take…

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