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  • Is my Leopard Gecko Fat

    Is My Leopard Gecko Fat? How to Help an Overweight Gecko

    We love our pets, and want to make sure they are comfortable and have enough of everything. Sometimes too much of a good thing is, well, just too much! If we give your lizard too much food, you may find yourself wonder, “Is my leopard gecko fat?” An overweight leopard gecko can be at risk…

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  • Can Leopard Geckos Eat Nightcrawlers

    Can Leopard Geckos Eat Nightcrawlers?

    When it comes to feeding your beloved pet Leopard Gecko, there’s no doubt you want to give it the best nutrition possible. Leopard geckos eat a variety of worms as staples in their diet, but can they eat nightcrawlers? Though leopard geckos can eat nightcrawlers and earthworms, these worms are not the best food source.…

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  • Are Leopard Geckos Boring

    Are Leopard Geckos Boring Pets? (Do Leopard Geckos Get Bored?)

    Keeping a pet in a tank can sometimes make it seem like they’re just on display, especially when they spend a good deal of their time sleeping through the day.  Leopard geckos may appear boring to some but they can make fun and engaging pets. Leopard gecko owners often spend quality time with their pets, playing…

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  • Leopard Gecko Seizures

    Leopard Gecko Seizure: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment!

    Leopard geckos are generally docile and low-maintenance pets, but sometimes they can experience health problems that require medical attention. One such condition is seizures, which can be alarming for both the gecko and its owner. Seizures in leopard geckos can be a worrying experience for any owner, as it is not always easy to tell…

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  • Can Crested Geckos live with Leopard Geckos

    Can Crested Geckos and Leopard Geckos Live Together?

    Does having a terrarium full of exotic pets sounds like a dream come true? Both leopard geckos and crested geckos are popular among reptile owners; but despite their popularity, it turns out that coexisting with other animals isn’t always easy. Leopard geckos and Crested geckos require different environments and are best not kept together. There…

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  • Can Leopard Geckos Swim?

    Can Leopard Geckos Swim? (Is It A Good Idea?)

    Leopard geckos are not strong swimmers.  While some gecko species can swim or walk on water, leopard geckos are small desert dwelling reptiles and are used to a dry environment. They do need drinking water, though prefer to be on dry land rather than in the water.

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  • Are Leopard Geckos Social?

    Are Leopard Geckos Social Animals (With other Geckos or Humans? )

    Leopard geckos are not social animals. They are typically solitary creatures and do best when kept alone. Though prefer their solitude, leopard geckos can be socialized to tolerate and even enjoy human contact with proper care and handling

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  • Are Leopard Geckos Fast

    Are Leopard Geckos Fast? (If Yes, How Fast Are They?)

    Leopard Geckos have a reputation for being docile and easy to care for.  Some reptile owners wonder if they are easy to handle and how fast they can move. Leopard geckos can reach speeds between 3-6 mph, or 5-10 kph.  This is pretty quick and can get a gecko to safety, though certainly won’t set…

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  • Do Leopard Geckos Hiss?

    Do Leopard Geckos Hiss? (What Does That Tell You?)

     Leopard geckos are known for being fairly quiet, solitary creatures. Though it doesn’t happen all the time, leopard geckos actually can make noises, including hissing. Leopard geckos can hiss. If you hear your leopard gecko hissing or making noise it could indicate fear, discomfort, or stress. Hissing is typically a sign that something is wrong with…

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  • Are Leopard Geckos Good Pets

    Are Leopard Geckos Good Pets?

    Leopard geckos are easy to keep and are relatively inexpensive compared to many other types of reptiles. It’s no wonder these pet lizards are they are frequently recommended as a beginner’s choice.

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